Head of Department

Dr. Atanu Singha Roy
Ph.D. from IIT Kharagpur


M.Sc Courses

Curriculum & Semester Model Plan:(2019 Batch)

Curriculum & Semester Model Plan:

M. Sc Courses:(Batch 2019)

400 Level courses

CY 401 Stereochemistry and Organic

CY 402 Pericyclic Reactions

CY 403 Basic Inorganic and Main Group Chemistry

CY 404 Transition and Post Transition Metal Chemistry and Reaction Mechanism

CY 405 Chemical and Statistical Thermodynamics 

CY 406 Symmetry Group Theory

CY 407 Quantum Chemistry

CY 408 Molecular Spectroscopy

CY 409 Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

CY 410 Surfaces and Electrochemistry

CY 481 Organic Chem. Laboratory

CY 482 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

CY 484 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

500 Level courses

CY 501 Advanced Organic Chemistry

CY 503 Organometallic and Bioinorganic Chemistry

CY 531 Chemical Kinetics

CY 533 Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

CY 534 Advanced Quantum Chemistry

CY 536 Computational Chemistry

CY 538 Solid State Chemistry

CY 539 Chemistry of Drug Design and Action

CY 540 Nano Science and Technology

CY 541 Crystallography

CY 542_Supramolecular Chemistry

CY 581 Physical Chemistry Laboratory

M. Sc Courses:

400 Level Courses

500 Level Courses