Mechanical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Rabindra Narayan Mahapatra


Past Events

Workshop on Recent Advances in Mechatronics and Robotics Report>>

One day Workshop on Engineering Design and Simulation: Workshop on Engineering Design and Simulation organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering & Mathematics, NIT Meghalaya in association with Center for Robotics and Mechatronics, NIT Meghalaya on 7th March 2018. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with ELMAX.

Organized a five day Workshop in NIT Meghalaya on Computational Modeling and Analysis using ANSYS and Creo (CoMAAC), on June 3-7, 2015, in collaboration with ANSYS-INNOVENT Engineering Solutions and PTCCreo-Allied Design-Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd.

NIT Meghalaya as AN ASSOCIATE INSTITUTE along with IIT Guwahati organized the 5th International & 26th All India Manufacturing Technology, Design and Research Conference (AIMTDR 2014) at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati during 12-14 December, 2014.

Organized a one day workshop at NIT Meghalaya with a theme of "Identification of the need based technological issues related to rural economy for providing S&T interventions for such systems and technologies that have already been developed to a level of functioning and are identified for further development to achieve higher efficiency, productivity and removal of drudgery" on 25th February, 2014, sponsored by Rural Technology Action Group, North-East (RuTAG-NE), IIT Guwahati.