NIT Meghalaya's Civil Engineering department first began its session from July 2012. The Department, which has an intake capacity of 30 students, offers 4 years (eight semesters) B. Tech programme in Civil Engineering.

Since 2014, the Civil Engineering Department has initiated the Ph.D programme on Environmental and Structural Engineering so as to equip the students on environment safeguards and be competent on their know how on safe and secure constructions in tune with the changing nature, including disasters such as earthquakes, drought and floods.

 Additionally, the department is planning to start M.Tech programme in the near future.

 Currently, the Department is offering common courses for 1st year students in Engineering Drawing and Environmental Science. The academic activities of the Department emphasizes on deep understanding of the fundamental principles on Civil Engineering, development of creative ability to handle the challenges of Civil Engineering and the analytical ability to solve problems which are interdisciplinary in nature.

The Department also encourages its students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, essential for their own personal development apart from nurturing team spirit and developing organizational skills.

 The faculty members of the Department are involved in high-quality researches and they continue to explore new frontiers of breakthrough technical knowledge, recent inventions and discoveries. The findings through these researches on latest knowledge are being imparted to the students so that they are acquainted with the latest trends of the emerging engineering world.

The Department actively promotes curriculum development activities by updating existing courses, develops new courses and prepares updated resource material for teaching. The Department also aims to contribute to interdisciplinary academic and research activities of NIT Meghalaya.

 Moreover, the department also encourages both students and faculty members, along with all others concerned, in working for the development of Meghalaya, the North East region and the nation as a whole.