NIT Meghalaya
To be held on 4th December, 2020

Sl. No.





Advisory Committee

Director- Chairman
All Deans- Members
Registrar- Member

Necessary guidance to all sub-committees


Professor in charge for Convocation - 2019

Dr. A. Banerjee, EE

Overall Coordination




Finance Sub-Committee

Dr. P. N. Chatterjee, CY-Convener
Dr. B.Sarkar,ME
Mr. I Mahesh - AR(FA)
Mr.G.F Fancon- Superintendent(FA)

  • Collecting fund requirement from all committee members and preparing Budget & Fund Allocation


Robing Sub-Committee

Dr. M. Saha, MA           - Convener
Dr.S.K Bandari, EC
Mr. Himanshu Yadav, AR(DR)
Ms. R.Shadap, EC

  • Making the robes ready
  • Handing over and collecting of robes from degree awardees and academic body members
  • Assisting Dignitaries during robbing
  • Collection of Robes and handing over to AC.


Medals Sub-Committee

Dr. S. Maity, ME      -Convener
Dr. S Moulik, CS
Dr. P.K Gautam ,CE

Mrs A Rai AR(AA)
Mr. Sushanta Nath, EE

  • Design of Medal
  • Getting the Medals made well in time


Certificates Sub-Committee

Dr. S. Das, EE-Convener
Dr. T. Bora, PH
Dr. A.P. Singh. CS
Mr. Chinmoy Hazarika - Superintentent

  • Preparing and getting the certificates ready along with the folders.
  • Getting the folder made.
  • Keeping ready for awarding
  • Postal Despatching of Certificate


Venue Sub-Committee

Dr. C. Marthong, CE     - Convener
Dr. P.P Singh, EE
Mr. L Kharpran - Exc. Engg
Mr. M.K Raplang - Superintendent, ES
Mr. M. Pyngrope, EN
Mr. R. Swer, EN

  • Selection of the Venue.
  • Liaison with the Venue Provider
  • Arrangements at the Venue



Invitation & Reception Sub-Committee

Dr. A. K. Paul, CY        - Convener
Dr. V. Pal, CS
Dr.A. K Jena, MA
Dr. R. Kharbihkhiew, LB
Mr. Khlainborlang Nongkhlaw, ES
Mr. Donny Bryan Thabah, LB

  • Preparing the list of invitees
  • Designing the invitation letter and getting it printed
  • Arranging for delivery of the letters
  • Receive the invited guest on the day of the convocation and get them seated in the assigned areas
  • Take them for high-tea after the event.
  • Arranging mementos for guests


Convocation Manual, Speech Booklet & Documentation

Dr. P.S. Mangang, HS -Convener
Dr. K. Senthilkumar, PH
Dr. S Sharma, CE
Ms. Shampa Purkayastha, ES
Mr. B. Myrthong, AA

  • Preparing the Convocation Manual and Printing
  • Compiling the speeches and Printing
  • Preparing the Chief Guest Profile
  • Taking care of transport for guests.
  • Documentary report of the 6th convocation


Rehearsals & Academic Procession Sub-Committee

Dr.  N. K Nath, CY  - Convener
Dr. H. M. Kalita, CE
Dr. R. Roy, EE
Dr. A. C Nayak, MA
Mr. N. Marthong, ME

  • Conducting the rehearsals of the Academic Procession and the Proceedings
  • Organizing the Academic procession on the day of Convocation


Publicity & Media

Institute Information Committee AR(ES)

  • Preparing the Press Note and distributing among the Print and electronic media personnel
  • Prepare article on the institute and get published in the media
  • Inviting media personnel to the event and receive them.
  • Take them for high-tea after the event.


Cultural Sub-Committee

Institute Cultural Committee under SAC

  • Arrange for the Invocation song, playing of band during procession and Singing of the National Anthem at the end.
  • Arrangement of cultural function on the previous evening.


Alumni Meet Sub-Committee

Dr. S. Thokchom, CS-Convener
Dr. S. Sahoo, CE
Dr. S. Majumadar, EC

  • Communication with all alumni
  • Venue selection in coordination with the Cultural Committee
  • Alumni Dinner in coordination with the Food Committee


Photography Sub-Committee

Dr. Ksh M Singh ,EE        - Convener
Dr, D. Poddar, CE
Dr. W. L. Reenbohn, PH
Mr. K. Nongrang, LB
Mr. A. Rapsang-SAS Assistant

  • Arrange for Photography & Videography
  • Album & Photo uploading in Web
  • Photo circulation among students & Others
  • Documentary report of the 5thconvocation
  • Sending of copies of Photographs to VIPs/ Academic Procession members


Online event management &Website Design Sub-committee

Dr. S.S Yadav-Convener
Dr. B Balabantaray, CS

Mrs. M. Hynniewta, CS
Mr. B. Wahlang, CS
Mr. Arkinsan Wankhar, CS

  • To design and create web page

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