Regular Session

Regular Session Papers within the scope of the following topics, but not limited to are:
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Modern Power Systems

• Smart Grids
• Power Quality and harmonics.
• Grid integration of renewable sources.
• Protection and Switchgear.
• Power System Monitoring.
• Control and energy management.
• Power system reliability
• Electricity markets , challenges , operation.
• High voltage Engineering.
• Active and reactive power control.
• Islanding detection and control

Advanced Power Converters

• New power converters.
• Converter topologies.
• Modulation techniques & control.
• Application of power converters for transportation/ev/traction drives.
• AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC, AC/AC topologies.
• Wide band gap devices.

Renewable Energy Sources

• Renewable energy sources and Technology.
• Solar/Wind energy systems and its integration.
• Distributed Generation and Grid Interconnection.
• Micro grid/Smart grid control.
• Integration of energy storage systems.
• Biomass, Hydrogen based sources.
• Energy Harvesting, Green energy issue.
• Integration of multiple energy sources.
• Battery technology.

Signal Processing and Communication Technologies

• Nonlinear systems, identification and signatures.
• Electrical quantities, Embedded control systems and Sensor networks.
• Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Industrial Informatics.

Environmental Pollution

• EM spectrum Management.
• Environmental measurements.
• Emission optimization techniques.
• Low carbon emission methods.

Smart Building Technologies

• Demand Side Management.
• Electric Vehicles.
• Battery Management System .
• Metering systems.
• G2V and V2G applications.
• Energy policies and standards.

Working Language

The working language of the conference is English, which will be used for all printed material, presentations and discussion.