8th Convocation NIT Meghalaya

To be held on 1st October,2021 in online mode.

Live streaming will be available on following social media websites.


8th Convocation to be held through online mode on 1st October 2021.

Director of NIT Meghalaya

Prof. Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal
Director of NIT Meghalaya

Chief Guest

Shri. Dharmendra Pradhan
Chief Guest
Hon'ble Minister of Education, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship
Govt. of India

Guest of Honour

Prof. K. K. Aggarwal
Guest of Honour
National Board of Accreditation

Chairman BOG NITM

Shri. Sajjan Bhajanka
Board of Governors NITM

B.Tech Students






प्रात: 9:30 बजे      आवाहन एवम् शैक्षणिक शोभायात्रा का आगमन
प्रात: 9:33 बजे  राष्ट्रगान
प्रात: 9:35 बजे अध्यक्ष, शासी मंडल द्वारा समारोह के उद्घाटन की घोषणा
प्रात: 9:36 बजे  निदेशक द्वारा रिपोर्ट प्रस्तुति
प्रात: 9:56 बजे  मानद प्रदान
प्रात: 10:02 बजे उपाधि प्रदान
प्रात: 10:42 बजे पदक वितरण
प्रात: 10:47 बजे  स्नातक शपथ ग्रहण
प्रात: 10:52 बजे विशिष्ट अतिथि द्वारा दीक्षांत अभिभाषण
प्रात: 11:12 बजे  मुख्य अतिथि द्वारा सम्बोधन
प्रात: 11:22 बजे  अध्यक्ष, शासी मंडल द्वारा सम्बोधन
प्रात: 11:32 बजे  अध्यक्ष, शासी मंडल द्वारा दीक्षांत समारोह के समापन की घोषणा
प्रात: 11:33 बजे  राष्ट्रगान
प्रात: 11:36 बजे  शैक्षणिक शोभायात्रा का प्रस्थान


9:30 am Invocation and Arrival of Academic Procession
9.33 am National Anthem
9:35 am Declaration of Opening of the Ceremony by the Chairman
9:36 am Presentation of Report by the Director
9:56 am Conferment of honoris causa
10:02 am Award of Degree
10:42 am Presentation of Medals
10:47 am Pledge by Degree Recipients
10:52 am Convocation Address by the Guest-of-Honour
11:12 am Address by the Chief Guest
11:22 am Address by the Chairman, Board of Governors
11:32 am Declaration of Closing of the Ceremony by the Chairman, Board of Governors
11:33 am National Anthem
11:36 am Departure of Academic Procession

Online Registration

Please make sure you read the instructions before applying.



Honoris Causa

Prof. D N Buragohain

Prof. D N Buragohain
Chancellor, Nagaland (Central) University, Lumami, Nagaland

Shri Neil Herbert Nongkynrih

Shri Neil Herbert Nongkynrih
Padma Shri Award(2015)

Information to Awardees

Recipient of President's Gold Medal

Jaswant Arya
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Recipients of Institute's Gold Medal

Aditya Tarafdar
Civil Engineering

Arjun Panicker
Computer Science and Engineering

Archita Goswami

Recipients of Institute's Silver Medal B.Tech

Aditya Tarafdar
Civil Engineering

Akash Kumar Panda
Computer Science and Engineering

Sourav Paul
Electronics and Communication Engineering

Pardip Dowrah
Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Sidharth Agarwal
Mechanical Engineering

Recipients of Institute's Silver Medal M.Tech

Syed B. F. Warsi
Civil Engineering

Arjun Panicker
Computer Science and Engineering

Manolina Saha
Electronics and Communication Engineering

Edi Sankara rao
Electrical Engineering

Ajay Power
Mechanical Engineering

Recipients of Institute's Silver Medal M.Sc

Archita Goswami

Pallabi Saha

  • Instruction to the degree awardees
    1. All graduands must register online through the registration link provided in the convocation website
    2. In page no. 3 of that link ,all graduands are advised to upload one passport size photo of resolution 900 x 1200 pixels & size between 300KB to 5MB in JPG format.







Advisory Committee

Director- Chairman
All Deans- Members
Registrar- Member

Necessary guidance to all sub-committees


Professor in charge for Convocation - 2021

Dr. A. Banerjee, EE

Overall Coordination




Finance Sub-Committee

Dr. P. N. Chatterjee, CY-Convener
Dr. B.Sarkar,ME
Mr. I Mahesh - AR(FA)
Mr.G.F Fancon- Superintendent(FA)

  • Collecting fund requirement from all committee members and preparing Budget & Fund Allocation


Robing Sub-Committee

Dr. M. Saha, MA           - Convener
DR. D Kumar, CS
Dr.S.K Bandari, EC
Mr. Himanshu Yadav, AR(DR)
Mr. Elvis Warjri, EC
Mr. Rahul Kharbangar,LB

  • Making the robes ready
  • Handing over and collecting of robes from degree awardees and academic body members
  • Assisting Dignitaries during robbing
  • Collection of Robes and handing over to AC.


Medals Sub-Committee

Dr. S. Maity, ME      -Convener
Dr. S Moulik, CS
Dr. P.K Gautam ,CE
Dr. S S Devi, EC

Mrs A Rai AR(AA)
Mr. Sushanta Nath, EE

  • Design of Medal
  • Getting the Medals made well in time


Certificates Sub-Committee

Dr. S. Das, EE-Convener
Dr. A. Sarkhel, EC
Dr. S. Majumdar,EC
Dr. S Sahoo, CE
Dr. R Kharbihkhiew, LB
Mr. Julius Iawphniaw, AA

  • Preparing and getting the certificates ready along with the folders.
  • Getting the folder made.
  • Keeping ready for awarding
  • Postal Despatching of Certificate


Venue Sub-Committee

Dr. M.L. Patton, CE     - Convener
Dr. T. Bose, ME
Mr. R.L Kharpran - Exc. Engg
Mr. M.K Raplang - Superintendent, ES
Mr. M. Pyngrope, JE(Civil)
Mr. R. Swer, JE (Elect.)

  • Selection of the Venue.
  • Liaison with the Venue Provider
  • Arrangements at the Venue



Invitation & Reception Sub-Committee

Dr. A. K. Paul, CY        - Convener
Dr. V. Pal, CS
Dr.A. K Jena, MA
Mr. Paiabha T. Tariang, ES
Mr. Khlainborlang Nongkhlaw, ES
Mr. Donny Bryan Thabah, LB

  • Preparing the list of invitees
  • Designing the invitation letter and getting it printed
  • Arranging for delivery of the letters
  • Receive the invited guest on the day of the convocation and get them seated in the assigned areas
  • Take them for high-tea after the event.
  • Arranging mementos for guests


Convocation Manual, Speech Booklet & Documentation

Dr. D. S. Roy -Convener
Dr. K. Debnath, ME
Dr. S Sharma, CE
Dr. S Affijulla, EE
Ms. Shampa Purkayastha, ES
Mr. B. Myrthong, AA

  • Preparing the Convocation Manual and Printing
  • Compiling the speeches and Printing
  • Preparing the Chief Guest Profile
  • Taking care of transport for guests.
  • Documentary report of the 6th convocation


Rehearsals & Academic Procession Sub-Committee

Dr. P. P Singh, EE  - Convener
Dr. P. K Rathore, EC
Dr. R. Roy, EE
Dr. A. C Nayak, MA
Mr. N. Marthong, ME

  • Conducting the rehearsals of the Academic Procession and the Proceedings
  • Organizing the Academic procession on the day of Convocation


Publicity & Media

Institute Information Committee AR(ES)

  • Preparing the Press Note and distributing among the Print and electronic media personnel
  • Prepare article on the institute and get published in the media
  • Inviting media personnel to the event and receive them.
  • Take them for high-tea after the event.


Cultural Sub-Committee

Institute Cultural Committee under SAC

  • Arrange for the Invocation song, playing of band during procession and Singing of the National Anthem at the end.
  • Arrangement of cultural function on the previous evening.


Alumni Meet Sub-Committee

SW Office

  • Communication with all alumni
  • Venue selection in coordination with the Cultural Committee
  • Alumni Dinner in coordination with the Food Committee


Photography Sub-Committee

Dr. Ksh M Singh ,EE        - Convener
Dr, D. Poddar, CE
Dr. W. L. Reenbohn, PH
Mr. K. Nongrang, LB
Mr. A. Rapsang-SAS Assistant

  • Arrange for Photography & Videography
  • Album & Photo uploading in Web
  • Photo circulation among students & Others
  • Documentary report of the 5thconvocation
  • Sending of copies of Photographs to VIPs/ Academic Procession members


Online event management &Website Design Sub-committee

Dr. S.S Yadav-Convener
Dr. B Balabantaray, CS

Mrs. M. Hynniewta, CS
Mr. B. Wahlang, CS
Mr. Arkinsan Wankhar, CS

  • To design and create web page
14 Food Sub-committee Dr. A. S. Roy, CY- Convener
Dr. P. K Saha, EC
Dr. R. S. Das, ME
Mr. Keshav Tamang, ES
Mr. Pratit Sunder D Roy, ME
Mr. Kyrshanbor B. Iawphniaw, EC
  • Awrading order to vendor
  • Deciding on food menu and arrangements.
  • Supervising for the desired quality and service.
15 Health & safety Protocol sub-committee To ensure adherence of protocols & social distancing norms during rehearsals & event.