Call for Papers

Modern Power Systems

Sustainable energy technologies for power generation, transmission, distribution, energy conversion, and storage, Power quality and harmonic analysis, Advanced microgrid and smart grid technologies, Protection schemes, Power system monitoring, Control and energy management, Islanding detection and control.

Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources and Technology, Solar/Wind energy systems and its integration, Solar/Wind forecasting and monitoring, Distributed generation and its application in Standalone/Grid systems, Integration of energy storage systems, Biomass, Hydrogen based sources, Energy Harvesting, Green energy issue, Integration of multiple energy sources.

Advanced Power Converters

Advanced power converter topologies, Modulation techniques & control, Application of power converters for renewable energy systems, traction, aircraft/space applications biomedical and industrial application, High-power and high-gain converters.

Smart Grid Technologies

HV techniques in smart grids and renewable energy integration, Smart Energy Prosumers, Battery technology, Battery Management System, Demand Side Management, Electric Vehicles, G2V and V2G applications, Smart building technology, HVDC and FACTS, Diagnostics, maintenance, reliability, and self-healing of smart/micro grids, Uncertainty management in smart grid planning, Smart grid impacts on electricity markets, pricing and incentive/penalty schemes.

Communication and Networking

Standards and codes for smart grids, Information and communication technologies for smart grids, Cyber-security, IoT, Machine learning techniques and Data analytics for smart/micro-grids, Robotics, Control, Instrumention and Automation.