Dated: 31-03-2020

In partial modification of Circulars No. NITMGH/ES/NOT./Vol-V/2019-20/2397 dated 16.03.2020, No. NITMGH/ES/NOT./Vol-V/2019-20/2402 dated 17.03.2020 and No. NITMGH/ES/NOT./Vol-V/2019-20/2444 dated 23.03.2020, this is to notify that in accordance with the lockdown notified by the Government of India, the Institute shall continue to remain closed w.e.f. 01.04.2020 until further orders. The precautions and advices notified earlier vide the afore-mentioned Circulars shall remain in force and are to be strictly adhered with.

            Employees and students are once again advised to visit the Institute website regularly for updates and further orders.

            This issues with approval of the Competent Authority.