Civil Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Hriday Mani Kalita
Ph.D(IIT Guwahati )


Civil Engineering


            The Department of Civil Engineering has been in existence since July 2012. With an intake capacity of 30 students, the Department offers a four years (eight semesters) B. Tech programme in Civil Engineering Discipline. The department has initiated its Ph.D. programme since 2014, in various areas of Civil Engineering viz., Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Water Resources Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering. Since July 2018 onwards, the Department has been offering a two years (four semesters) M. Tech programme in Structural Engineering. The Department is offering a common course for 1st year students on Engineering Drawing.
Additionally, the Department actively encourages curriculum development activities by creation of new courses and up-gradation of existing courses. The Department undertakes consultancy works in various related areas of civil engineering, to provide knowledge and intellectual inputs to the industry and other organizations and also organizes seminars/symposia for professional interaction. The Department also aims to contribute to interdisciplinary academic and research activities of NIT Meghalaya.

Vision of the Department:

To serve the society with state of the art Civil Engineering knowledge and research responsive.

Mission of the Department:

• To develop well balanced and industry oriented curriculum

 • To produce manpower with strong Civil Engineering knowledge for serving the society.

• To carry out innovative research projects for the better development of the society and to provide solutions for actual field problems.

Program Education Objectives (PEO):

• To provide high quality technical knowledge to the Civil Engineering students for solving the real field problems

• To prepare the Civil Engineering students for their appropriate employment and pursuing higher education.

• To empower the Civil Engineering students with sense of professional ethics, with ability to work in a team/teams and with appropriate communication skills.

Program Specific Outcome (PSO):

• The Civil Engineering students will able to conduct surveying, prepare layout plans, maps and able to do alignments for various Civil Engineering structures.

• The Civil Engineering students will able to interact with stakeholders effectively, write specifications, analyze, design, estimate, supervise and execute various construction activities related to Civil Engineering by applying necessary tools and maintaining proper qualities.

• The Civil Engineering students will able to provide sustainable environmental solutions for diverse real field problems.