Computer Science & Engineering

Mobile Computing, Network Security, Computer Architechture,Wireless Mesh Networks,Sensor Networks,Verification of Hybrid Systems,Formal Methods,Applications of High Performance Computing,Pattern Recognition, Speech and Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence,Reversible and quantum computing, Memristor based design, Embedded systems, Information security,Digital Geometry,Computer Vision,Shape Representation and Analysis,Graphics Analysis,Document Image Processing

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Low Power VLSI,Low Power Digital Circuits,Low Power High Speed Multipliers, Low Power High Speed Memories, Statistical signal, speech and Image processing,Design and development of adanced communication systems and development of signal processing algorithms for advanced communication systems,VLSI Design & Embedded Systems,Reconfigurable systems for medical diagnosis,Scalable Multi-core Processors,Hardware Accelerators for Signal Processing, Multimedia and Evolutionary computational applications,Multimedia Streaming for Medical Diagnosis,Low Power Multi-Core Scalable Processor for domain specific applications,System on Chip implementation of Cognitive radio,Computer Arithmetic,VLSI Design,Digital Signal Processing,VLSI Circuit Optimization Techniques,Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) based Sensors,Microfabrication and Micromachining Technology,Semiconductor Device Fabriction Technology.

Electrical Engineering

High frequency Resonant Inverter, Applications of Induction Heated System, Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drives, FPGA Controlled PM Motor Drives, Pulse Width Modulated Inverter fed Induction Motor Drives, Automatic Generation Control, Stability improvements using FACT devices, Power Quality, Distributed Power Generation, Power Electronics and Drives, Diagnosis&Characterisation of Polymeric Electrical Insulation, Electrostatic Field Computation, Electromagnetic Transient Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Biometric Authentication

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering, IC Engines, Alternative Fuels, Combustion Modelling, Wind Energy, Solar Thermal Cooling, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems, Renewable Energy, Heat and Mass Exchangers, Turbulence Modelling in Oceans ,Numerical Ocean Modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulic System and Control Design, Data acquisition System, Soft computing, Robotics, Bioheat transfer analysis, Thermal behavior of biological tissues under collimated thermal radiation, Thermal radiation analysis in participating medium, Heat transfer enhancement using extended surfaces, Design of Short Duration Force Measurements Techniques, Solid Mechanics, FEM, Stress Waves in Solids, Soft Computing Techniques for Force Prediction, Composite Materials: Polymer Matrix Composites, Manufacturing of Polymer Matrix Composites, Green Composites, Biodegradable Polymers, Composite Interfaces, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Wear and Friction of Polymeric Materials, Machining, Design and Development of Cutting Tools, Advanced Manufacturing Processes: USM, EDM, AWJM, Hybrid Machining, Micro-Machining etc., Finite Element Analysis, Design of Experiments: Taguchi Methods, Response Surface Methodology.

Civil Engineering

Solid waste management, Mechanical composting and vermicomposting, Analysis of solid wastes, Biological Waste treatment, Integrated Waste Management, Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures, Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of RC structures, Seismic vulnerability study of structures,Alternative Building Materials and Technology, Open channel hydraulics, Optimization techniques in hydraulics, Thin-walled structures, Finite Element Method, Subsurface Hydrology.


Ring Theory (Modern Algebra), Differential Equations,Mathematical Modelling,Mathematical Biology, Magnetohydrodynamics,Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory, Operator Theory,Functional Analysis,Fluid Dynamics,Classification of Observations,Reliability Theory,Statistical Inference.


Synthesis and characterization of functional organic materials,Fluorescence-based optical sensors, stimuli responsive materials,Fabrication of organic electronic devices (solar cell, field-effect transistor, organic light emitting diode),Hybrid Nano-materials for energy applications,Biophysical Chemistry: Protein-Ligand and DNA-Ligand Binding Studies, Protein Denaturation Studies,DNA Damaging Experiments,Crystal Engineering,Organometallics and Catalysis.


Nineteenth Century Literature, Modern and Contemporary Literature, European Literature, Comparative Literature,Drama and Theatre Studies, Electronic Word-of-Mouth (eWOM),Social Media Marketing, Consumer Behaviour.


Liquid Crystals, Raman Spectroscopy, Thin films, TCO, Oxides and Chalcagenides, CNT, Plasma Nano-Technology, Semiconductors Defects, Plasmonics, Study of magnetization reversal and exchange bias behavior in perovskite orthochromites, Diluted magnetic semiconductors, Phase transition and Critical phenomena in magnetic materials, Colossal magneto-resistivity materials, Low temperature Physics, Semiconductor & metalnanostructures/nanowires, Raman and photoluminescence spectroscopy, Electron transfer properties of metalloproteins, Biomolecule-metalhybrid systems, SERS based biosensors, Scanning probe microscopy/spectroscopy, Brownian dynamics and stochastic processes

Admission Procedure

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