NIT Meghalaya is offering Master’s degree Program and Ph.D. Programme under QIP scheme, the details are given below-

  • MTech Degree Programme in
    Department Area of specialization
    Civil Engineering Structural Engineering
    Computer Science & Engineering Computer Science & Engineering
    Electronics and Communication Engineering VLSI & Embedded Systems
    Electrical Engineering Power & Energy Systems
    Mechanical Engineering Fluids & Thermal Engineering
  • Ph.D. Programme in
    Department Area of specialization
    Civil Engineering Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Engineering
    Computer Science & Engineering AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Security in cloud and IoT, cryptography, computer vision
    Electronics and Communication Engineering VLSI Design, Electronics Device, Image Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Wireless Communication (5G and Beyond), Microwave Engineering, IoT and ML Algorithms and Design, MEMS and Sensors, Medical Image Processing
    Electrical Engineering Distributed Power Generation, Smart Grid, Cyber-Security of Power Systems, Peer-to-Peer Distributed Energy Trading, ML/AI Application to Power Systems, Protection Schemes for Smart Grids, PMU Analytics, Design and Analysis of Smart Grids, Smart Metering and Monitoring of Power Systems, Electric Machine Drives, Power Electronics, Signal Processing and Vibration Measurement, Nonlinear Dynamics and Control
    Mechanical Engineering Energy Storage, Plasma Gasification and Bioplastics, Hydrogen Generation, Industrial Utilization and Safety, Battery Management System, Application Page 2 of 4 of AI & ML in Industries, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, Composite, Materials, Micro manufacturing, Smart Materials Machining, High Speed and Hard Machining, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Wind energy, Underwater Propulsion, Experimental Fluid Dynamics, Renewable energy system and control, Robotics and Mechatronics system control, 3D printing, Alternative Fuels, Solar Energy, Bioheat Transfer, Heat Transfer in/using Extended Surfaces, Heat Pipes, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, Composite Materials, Micro manufacturing, Solar Thermal Collectors, Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems, Heat and Mass Exchangers, Modern/Advanced Manufacturing, Micro manufacturing, Hydro turbines, Ceiling Fan blade design, Smart Materials, Soft Robotics and Nonlinear Dynamics, Lattice Boltzmann Method, Biofluid and Bioheat Transfer, Biological Process Transport
    CBS Biophysical chemistry (spectroscopy), Smart materials, Electrochemical energy storage
    PH Applied Optics, Astroparticle Physics, Particle Physics, Liquid Crystal, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Non equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Semiconductor Physics
    MA Functional Analysis, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Fluid Dynamics, Statistical Inference