Head of Department

Dr. Prabir Kumar Saha


Communication Systems Laboratory

Name of Laboratory: Communication Systems
Lab In-charge: Dr. S. K Bandari
Technical Assistant: Mr.Elvis Warjri


  1. Spectrum Analyzer(3GHz) Model: CXA N9000A
  2. Mixed Signal Oscilloscope(200 MHz) MSO 3024A
  3. Digital Storage Oscilloscope(100MHz) DSO 1014A
  4. Digital Storage Oscilloscope(100MHz) DSO 1102B
  5. Digital Storage Oscilloscope (50MHz)Model:HMO722
  6. Digital Storage Oscilloscope(100MHz)Model:TDS2014C
  7. LAN Trainer Kit Benchmark
  8. DCT-03:Data Communication Trainer Kit Falcon
  9. Fujitsu Workstation.
  10. USRP Software Defined Radio Device – USRP-2953R
  11.  PCIe - MXI Express Interface Kit for USRP RIO
  12. 8- Channel Clock Distribution Accessory
  13. Vertical Antenna (2.4-2.5 and 4.9-5.9 GHz) Dual Band
  14. Vertical Antenna (144MHz,400MHz,1200MHz) Tri Band
  15. Emona Instruments: Multi-User Hardware Lab Equipment netTIMS-FreeWire for Analog and Digital Communication systems Lab



  1. VisSim/Comm Software
  2. Matlab & Simulink
  3. NI LabVIEW with LTE MIMO Framework
Figure 1: LAN Trainer Kit Figure 2: SDR Kits Figure 3: Emona netTIMS-FreeWire