Head of Department

Dr. Prabir Kumar Saha



Mr. Gaurav Bhargava Research Scholar

M. Tech in Microelectronics & VLSI from SGSITS, Indore under RGTU, Bhopal

Full Time/Part Time Scholar: Full-Time

Research Area

III-V device based Analog circuit design.


a) Journal:

  1. Shrivastava, N.E.E.R.A.J., Bhargava, G.A.U.R.A.V., Ajnar, D.S. and Jain, P.K., 2012. Design of Operational Transconductance Amplifier for Biquad Filter Applications in 0.18 m Technology. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, pp.562-565.
  2. Shrivastava N, Bhargava G, Ajnar DS, Jain PK. Design of OTA Based Chebyshev 5th Order Low Pass Filter in 0.18 ?m CMOS Technology. UACEE International Journal of Advances in Electronics Engineering.;2(1).
b) Conference:

1. Bhargava, G. and Majumdar, S., 2020, July. Design of Telescopic OTA based 6th order Butter-worth Low Pass Filter using 0.18 ?m CMOS Technology. In 2020 IEEE VLSI DEVICE CIRCUIT AND SYSTEM (VLSI DCS) (pp. 489-493). IEEE.

2. Bhargava G, Majumdar S. Highly Linearized GaN HEMT Based Class E/F3 Power Amplifier. In 2021 Devices for Integrated Circuit (DevIC) 2021 May 19 (pp. 564-568). IEEE.

3. Bhargava G, Majumdar S. Design of Novel Rat-Race Coupler Based Analog Pre-Distortion Circuit for 5G Applications. In 2022 International Conference for Advancement in Technology (ICONAT) 2022 Jan 21 (pp. 1-4). IEEE.

c) Book Chapters: NA

Teaching Experience

Last Working
Assistant Professor (Dept. Of ECE)
Institution: Government Engineering College (GEC), Jagdalpur,(C.G.) 
Duration: From 1st July 2017 to 30th June 2019 (Part-Time).
Job Details: Taught subjects as Analog and Digital Communication, Digital circuit and System, Optical Fibre Communication

Bansal Institute of Research and Technology (BIRT), Bhopal, under Rajiv Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal from 1st July 2013 to 30th April 2015 (Full Time).


Received award of $100 from Maury microwave for designing a power amplifier in EuMw 2021 student design competition.