Mechanical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Kishore Debnath
Ph.D (IIT Roorkee)



Eusebious Theodynosious Chullai Research Scholar

  • Master of Engineering – Aeronautical, Hindustan Institute of Technology and Sciences
  • Bachelor of Technology – Aeronautical, JRN Rajathan Vidyapeeth University, Udaipur
Full Time/Part Time Scholar: Full-Time

Work Experience

Assistant Professor @ HITS, Chennai 13th June 2011 - 19th May 2021

Research Area

Renewable Energy (Wind Turbine)

Seminar/Conference Attended

  1. M. Eswar Sai Viswajit, S. Udhaya Kumar, D.B.V.V.N. Sai Kumar, Yogesh Nagarkoti, Eusebious. T Chullai “.Aerodynamic investigation of serrated wing in uav application” International Conference on Recent Advances inEngineering,Technology and Science(ICRAETS) 08th Jun 2020 at London,United Kingdom
  2. E T Chullai,” Analysis of Turboshaft engine low power margin”, International conference on Recent Trends in Science and Technology” organized by GKM college of Engineering and Technology & TECHOWN Chennai 20th April 2018
  3. E T Chullai,”Aerodynamic Characteristics Analysis of a NACA 0012 wing section with Trailing edge Modification”,International Conference on Innovation in Engineering, Science &Technology (ICIEST),Bengaluru 28th May 2017



  1. Nimbhore, P.B., Kumar, D., Reddy, V., Chullai, E.T.” Aerodynamic investigation of triangular vortex generator over NACA 4415 airfoil”, Test Engineering and Management ,Volume 83,20 April 2020,Pages 13189-13194
  2. Eshwar Bhargav Bhupanam,Salil Bajaj &Eusebious Theodynosious Chullai “Design and fabrication of subsonic wind tunnel for aeroacoustic measurements” International Journal of Ambient Energy, Volume 42, 2021 - Issue 10
  3. K. Manojkumar, P. Manivannan, Eusebious T Chullai,”Experimental Study-Flow Characteristics of Dimpled Wing”, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT) Vol 2 Issue 4 April-2014