Mechanical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Kishore Debnath
Ph.D (IIT Roorkee)



Rashed Mustafa Mazarbhuiya Research Scholar

  • Master of Engineering (M. E) in Mechanical Engineering, (2017)
    Gauhati University, Guwahat, Assam, India.
  • Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Mechanical Engineering, (2014)
    Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, Telengana, India.
Full Time/Part Time Scholar: Full-Time

Research Area

Advanced Manufacturing Process, Surface Modification, Material Deposition, Characterization.

Seminar/Conference Attended

  1. International Conference on Recent Advancements in Mechanical Engineering (ICRAME 2020) NIT Silchar, India.
  2.  10th International Conference on Materials Processing and Characterisation (ICMPC 2020) GLA University Mathura, India.
  3. International Conference on Recent Innovations & Developments in Mechanical Engineering (IC-RIDME 2018) NIT Meghalaya, India.
  4.  International Conference on Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineerig (ICETME 2018) SRIT Andhra Pradesh, India.
  5.  7th International Conference of Materials Processing and Characterization, (ICMPC 2017) GRIET-Hyderabad, India.
  6.  International Conference on Innovative Research In Applied Physics, Material Sciences, Instrumentation, Electronics, Communication, Electrical, Power Control, Computer Science and Information Technology (TECHNOVA-2016) India.



  • Mazarbhuiya, R. M., & Rahang, M. (2020). Reverse EDM process for pattern generation using powder metallurgical green compact tool. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 35(15), 1741-1748.
  •  Mazarbhuiya, R. M., & Rahang, M. (2020). Surface modification of aluminium and its parametric optimization using grey relational analysis. Materials Today: Proceedings, 26, 1594-1597.
  • Mazarbhuiya, R.M., Dutta, H., Debnath, K. and Rahang, M., 2020. Surface modification of CFRP composite using reverse-EDM method. Surfaces and Interfaces, 18, p.100457.
  • Mazarbhuiya, R. M., Choudhury, P. K., & Patowari, P. K. (2018). An experimental study on parametric optimization for material removal rate and surface roughness on EDM by using Taguchi method. Materials Today: Proceedings, 5(2), 4621-4628.
  •  Mazarbhuiya R. M., Choudhury P. K.,“Multi-Objective Optimization of EDM Process Parameters using Taguchi-Grey Relational Analysis for Aluminium Work Material with Copper Electrode”, International Research Journal OF Engineering and Technology (IRJET),Volume 4, issue 9 September 2017.
  • Mazarbhuiya R. M., Choudhury P. K., Rahang M., “Taguchi Grey Relational based Multi Objective Optimization of Process Parameters in Electro Discharge Machining of Aluminium with Copper electrode”, Journal of Basic and Applied Engineering Research, Volume 3, Issue 13. October-December,2016.
  • Conference:

    1. Mazarbhuiya, R. M., & Rahang, M. (2019, March). Parametric Optimization in Photochemical Machining of Aluminium Using Taguchi Method. In IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Vol. 491, No. 1, p. 012033). IOP Publishing.

    Book Chapters

    1. Mazarbhuiya, R. M., & Rahang, M. (2021). Deposition of Tungsten and Copper Particle on CFRP Composite. In Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering (pp. 815-822). Springer, Singapore
    2. Mazarbhuiya, R. M., & Rahang, M. (2020). Parametric Study of Photochemical Machining of Aluminium Using Taguchi Approach. In Advances in Mechanical Engineering (pp. 497-504). Springer, Singapore.
    3. Mazarbhuiya R.M., Rahang M. (2020) Multi-objective Optimization of Photochemical Machining Parameters Using Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis. In. Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. Springer, Singapore.