Head of Department

Dr. Naba Kamal Nath
Ph.D, University of Hyderabad




Dr. Gitish Kishor Dutta Associate Professor

Ph.D, IISc Bangalore

Research Interest

Porous carbon based materials for energy storage devices, Proton conducting membrane for fuel cell applications, Electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reactions, Conjugated polymer based composite materials for Supercapacitor applications

Education Qualification

Ph.D, IISc Bangalore


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Courses Taught

1. CY 101 (Chemistry), Autumn 2019

2. CY 401 (Stereochemistry and Organic Reaction Mechanism), Autumn 2019

3. CY 481 (Organic Chemistry Lab), Autumn 2019

4. CH 501 (Organic Chemistry III), Autumn 2019

5. CY 101 (Chemistry), Spring 2020

6. CY 151 Chemistry Laboratory, Spring 2020

7. CY 402 (Pericyclic Reactions, Photochemistry and Applied Spectroscopy), Spring 2020)

8. CH 504 (Analytical Techniques), Spring 2020


Sl No.Title of ProjectPICO-PIFunding AgencySanctioned AmountStartYr - EndYr (Duration)StatusProject Type
1Development of 3-D Supramolecular Structure-Based Optoelectronic Materials Towards Photovoltaic Devices.Dr. G. K Dutta and Prof. Changduk YangDr. P. N. ChattarjeeDST27655602015-2018CompletedSponsored
2Diketopyrrolopyrrole and isoindigo based luminescent conjugated polymers for colorimetric and fluorogenic sensorsDr. G. K. DuttaN.A.SERB_DST22380002015-2018CompletedSponsored

Ph.D. students

1. Namrata Deka (2016-present)

2. Jayshree Barman (2018-present) 

3. Siddheswar Rudra (2017-Present): Co-Supervisor- Dr. Mukul Pradhan, NIT Warangal

Group Alumni

 Past M.Sc. Project Students

1. Ms. Daisy Barman

2. Ms Anusua Mukherjee

3. Ms Rashmi Chetry

4. Ms Sangita Kalita

5. Loknath Thapa

6. Subrata Dutta

7. Himadri Sikha Saikia

8. Shruti Revankar

9. Ajay Bharti

10. Subhransu Sekhar Das