Electrical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Shaik Affijulla
PhD (NIT Meghalaya)


Research Topics

  1. Advanced Power Converters in Hybrid Energy System
  2. Renewable Energy Integration and Control
  3. Future Smart Electric Grids
  4. Cyberattacks in Power Systems
  5. Transactive Energy Markets
  6. Modeling of EHVAC transmission line
  7. Power Electronics & Electric Machine Drives
  8. Sensing and Signal Processing
  9. Nonlinear Systems and Control
  10. Bio-signal detection systems for disaster condition, Non-contact method of bio signal estimation
  11. Chaotic System: Circuit design, implementation and application to secure communication
  12. Grid integrated pumped hydro storage system
  13. Big Data Analytics on Smart Electric Grid
  14. Monitoring and Protection of Modern Power Systems