Electrical Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Shaik Affijulla
PhD (NIT Meghalaya)


Sponsored Projects

Sl. No. Name of the Faculty Sponsored Research Projects
Project Title Funding Agency Amount
  1 PI:  Prof. G. Panda
CO PI: Shaik Affijulla
Real-Time Control and Energy Management for Seamless Operation of DC Microgrid in Grid-connected and Stand-alone Modes DST, Govt. Of India 49,26,000 2018-2021
2 PI:  Prof. G. Panda
CO PI: Shaik Affijulla
Synchrophasor Sensing and Seamless Control of Smart Distribution Network with Renewable Energy Integration REC Transmission Projects Company Limited 1, 31, 75,000 2017-2020
3 CO PI:  Prof. G. Panda Investigation on Data-Driven Event Detection using Indian Power Grid's Synchrophasor Data SERB-DST 1941060 2018-2021
4 PI: Dr. Atanu
CO PI:  Prof. G. Panda
Design & development of an intelligent controller for a Vienna Rectifier based grid-connected hybrid energy conversion system comprising of wind & solar energy sources  SERB-DST 32.77 lakh 2017-2020
5 PI: Dr. Atanu
Design & Development of a Cost-effective & Energy-efficient Grid –connected Pumped Hydro System employed with Sensor-less PMBLDCM CPRI, Govt. of India 32.90 lakh 2019-2020
6 PI: Ksh Milan Singh Non-contact Method of Vibration as Well as Velocity Parameters Estimation Based on Goertzel Algorithm in PLL Technique SERB-DST 30,18,000 2018-2021
7 PI: Supriyo Das Investigation of Dielectric Properties towards Assessment of Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Cable Insulation using Dielectric Response Analysis SERB-DST 32.4 lakhs 2017–2020
8 PI: Sanjoy Debbarma Provision of Frequency Regulation using V2G Control and HVDC transmission Links with Virtual Synchronous Power Concept SERB-DST 10 Lakhs 2017-2019
9 PI: Dr. Atanu
Design & Development of High frequency Multilevel Resonant Inverter based New Generation Induction Heated Autoclave System for Sterilization of Surgical Instruments. MeitY, Govt. of India 25.00 lakh 2020-2022
  10 PI: Dr. G. Panda & Dr. S. Affijulla, Design and Development of DSP/FPGA based digital controller for hybrid active power filter applied to industrial nonlinear loads in distribution system. DST-SERB, Govt. of India Rs. 2298000 2012-2015