Computer Science And Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Surmila Thokchom
Ph.D(NIT Meghalaya)


Embedded Systems Laboratory

Faculty in charge: Dr. Diptendu Sinha Roy 
The Embedded Systems laboratory of National Institute of Technology Meghalaya is equipped with the latest of components required to build a fully functioning autonomous or semi-autonomous system. The lab itself encourages innovative ideas by housing prototyping materials. Several sensors, I/O peripherals and electro-mechanical units are available for animated testing. The undergraduates and master students have full leisure to use the lab during free hours. The stock of components is not limited and is sufficient for use for full class strength, though arrangements are continuously being done to improve the quantity and variety of tools and other components. The students, thus, take responsibility and carry out several projects. Staff support is also provided.
The embedded systems laboratory was established with the major focus in making students aware with hardware related designs. Practical applications of ideas are very important to precisely grasp the concepts and it also unveils the hidden complication in practical scenarios. The other major focus towards the development of this laboratory was to convert ideas into products. The institute provides full support to students working in the lab with some product ideas. The lab equipment is sufficient to prototype a fully functional product. There are a few such B. Tech major projects being carried out under this impression and are near successful completion. 
The lab is not restricted to just any department and welcomes students and faculties from other departments to perform experiments. With the limited space in the temporary campus it is difficult to house large machines and equipment but it foresees the fulfillment of all those necessary tools once the institute shifts to its permanent campus

A list of important items available in the lab:

Sl. No. Equipment Description Quantity


Microcontroller Development Board STM32NucleoF401RE with ARM CortexM4 512KB Program Flash 15+


16x2 Alphanumeric LCD LED based Butterfly LCD with green backlit 20+


Motors BO Shaft plastic geared motors (multipurpose) 15+


LED Red, Green and Blue LEDs 100+


7-Segmented Displays Common Anode (Red color) 50+


LDR Light Dependent Resistor (sensor) 10+


LM35 Precision Temperature Sensor 10+


IR LED Infra-red emitter and receiver pair 10+


GPS Module Holux GPS module 1


GSM Module SIM900 GSM Module 2


Antenna Long Range antenna for GPS or GSM modules 2


Accelerometer 3-Degree Accelerometer Sensor 12+


UART Module CP2102 based UART Module 2