Computer Science And Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Surmila Thokchom
Ph.D(NIT Meghalaya)


High Performance Computing Laboratory

Faculty in charge: Dr. Diptendu Sinha Roy 
CPU Architecture:
x86_64, 24 cores Intel Xeon(R) CPU E5-2670 v3 @ 2.30GHz (2 Sockets with 12 cores per Socket), 62 GB of System Memory(RAM)
Graphics are:
NVIDIA GK110BGL [Tesla K40c] 
3.5 CUDA Capability,
15 MP with 192 CUDA Cores/MP a total of 2880 CUDA cores, with 11.25 GB of Global Memory
NVIDIA GK107 [NVS 510]
3.0 CUDA Capability,
1 MP with 192 CUDA Cores/MP, with 1.99 GB of Global Memory.
ParamShavak is also equiped with Softwares such as Ganglia, Onam and HPC Applications. A breif introduction about these softwares are described below:
Ganglia is a scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters and Grids
Onama is an integrated package which opens a new door to future technocrats, providing them a Quantum leap in developing a firm understanding through High Performance Computing in several engineering disciplines such as Computer, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Civil Engineering. It comprising of well-selected set of open-source parallel as well as serial applications, primarily focusing on strengthening & promoting HPC usage at the grass root level to increase the competitiveness of students. Onama's numerous serial and parallel applications enable their users to solve resource intensive CFD problems like Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, simulating & studying wind stream through city etc . Similar intutive & compute intensive applications are also offered by onama across domains such as bio-informatics , chemical engineering, mechanical as well as computer engineering.
HPC applications:
High performance computing (HPC) refers to any computational activity requiring more than a single computer to execute a task. Computer clusters are used to solve advanced computation problems. HPC has the capacity to model & solve model and solve highly complex problems and analyze massive amounts of data at high speed. Tasks that can take months using normal computers can be done in days or even minutes with the help of HPC. Some of the domains where HPC could be used effectively include DNA sequencing, weather forecasting, quantum chemistry, fluid dynamics among others. The HPC applications such as mpiBLAST , GROMACS ,WRF, MOM are offered with PARAM Shavak.