Computer Science And Engineering

Head of Department

Dr. Surmila Thokchom
Ph.D(NIT Meghalaya)



Anushka Chaurasia Research Scholar

M.Tech CSE (Madan Mohan Malaviya University of Technology, Gorakhpur)
Full Time/Part Time Scholar: Full-Time

Research Area

Machine Learning, Deep learning

Seminar/Conference Attended:

  • Participated in AICTE Training and Learning(ATAL) Academy Online Advanced FDP on “ Signal Processing for cognitive Neuroscience Application” conducted by National Institute of Technology Meghalaya.
  • Participated in online workshop on “Accelerated Data Science” conducted by NSM Nodal Centre, IIT Kharagpur and NVIDIA under the aegis of the National Supercomputing Mission.
  • Participated in National webinar on “CHAOS, Curiosity & COVID-19: A Biotechnologist’s perspective” organized by Department of Biotechnology and Medical Engineering (BM), NIT Rourkela.
  • Participated in “Five days workshop on Latex and its Applications “sponsored by TEQIPIII, organized department of ITCA and CSE at MMMUT-Gorakhpur (UP) India from 11 to 15th March, 2019.


  • Khan, J. S., Kaushik, M., Chaurasia, A., Dutta, M. K., & Burget, R. (2022). Cardi-Net: A Deep Neural Network for classification of Cardiac disease using Phonocardiogram Signal. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 106727.
  • Chaurasia, A., Tiwari R.K., (2021, January). Stock Price prediction using various machine learning algorithms. International Journal of Advances in Engineering and Management (IJAEM) Volume 3, Issue 1 ISSN: 2395-5252.
  • Rani, S., Chaurasia, A., Dutta, M. K., Myska, V., & Burget, R. (2021, July). Machine learning approach for automatic lungs sound diagnosis from pulmonary signals. In 2021 44th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP) (pp. 366-371). IEEE.